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Developing Custom Formulation for Your Application


A large part of our business comes from the results of our co-development works with our customers.  We work with customers from a wide range of industries including medical, defense, novelty products, electronics, and constructions to create the best-fit custom formulations for the particular applications. 


Our customers appreciate our fast iteration method that can reach the goal quickly and surely at a low cost. After the initial application idea is discussed and requirements are identified, we repeat the following process until we find an optimum formula:



Formulate an experimental formula


Send a sample to the customer


The customer tests the sample


The customer reports the test results


Discuss modification of the formula


Modify the formula


Primarily, we work with two-part polyurethane liquid casting/molding systems such as:


Gel Elastomer Systems


High Performance Elastomer Systems


Room Temperature Curable Elastomer Systems


Specialty Foam Systems

We would also work with:


Prepolymers or other polyurethane intermediates


Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


Two-Part 100% Solid Coating Systems


Please call Northstar Polymers to discuss your application.




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