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Polyurethane Gel Elastomer is a class of very soft Durometer range casting resin materials used in many different applications including computer mouse-pad/keyboard wrist rests, bicycle seating, motorcycle seating, shoe insole, padding parts for medical devises, motorcycle seats, and more.  It can also used in sticky pads for holding cell phones and tablet computers.  It's unique properties help your products attract your customer's attention. 

Polyurethane Gel Elastomer







Easy  To Customize:

Our standard gel formulation is formulated in such a way that the user can change the softness of the yielded material simply by changing the mixing ratio of the same combination of part-A and part-B components.  Also, it can be filled with many different types of filler materials, color, and plasticizer to create a unique characteristic of your product.







The component materials MDI base room temperature curable (except for polyester base gel).  It is two part system with relatively long pot life.  So,  it is an easy casting material.  


Detail Casting-Test Instructions


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New Generation of Polyurethane Gel Elastomers


Northstar Polymers formulated its first polyurethane gel elastomers in 1990's. During 1990's the unique properties of the polyurethane gel material began to attract attentions of the product developers. 


Since then, the market for polyurethane gel has evolved into the next level, where we serve more specific types of gel materials to specific applications.  Northstar Polymers is always open to innovative ideas of product developers.


See Specialty Gel Formulation page for our formulation capacity.









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