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What's New?

Improved Mold-Making Formulas

With a specialty raw material newly became available to us, we were able to reformulate our room temperature curable systems with better physical properties and easier handling intended for the mold-making application for precast concrete businesses as well as the gasket making application.

Viscoelastic Foam Development


Our new viscoelastic foam formulation VEF-121 yields more stable molded foam products and user-friendly processing.


Stronger Adhesion Property "Tack Pad" formula


Lately, polyurethane gel is attracting product developers' attentions as a raw material to make sticky pads used in the tack-pad parts of cell-phone and tablet computer holders.  Our formulation GK-7 has been servicing such application for sometime.  However, some applications require strong adhesion property from the tack pads.  Some designs allow only small areas for adhesive pads, which requires a material with higher tack level.  This new formulation GK-22 is made to service specific requirements to make pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA) parts. 


Low Viscosity Casting Gel for Sticky Pads


GK-7 is a polyurethane gel designed to be used for sticky pads and adhesive film products.  The low viscosity components and versatility in curing pattern modification makes this material ideal for making pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film for variety of applications.


High Elongation Viscoelastic Gel with Good Strength and Less Tack


NTG-7 is a new formula in our polyurethane gel formulation family.  Due to the weak material strength and sticky surface, typical polyurethane gel materials are  used within flexible film or coated fabric encapsulation structures.  NTG-7 is a new type formula that provides opportunities for molders to make stand-alone polyurethane gel parts directly in a mold.  Together with its high elongation property (> 1,000% elongation), NTG-7 offer molders and product designers a unique material choice.   


New, Even Easier, Hand-Mixable Flexible Foam


Flexible foam formulas typically have very fast curing pattern.  The pot life is often 20 to 30 seconds only.  This make it difficult to manually mix and cast flexible foam products.  Our new flexible foam formula MPP-F07A offers about 60-second pot-life with the mix ratio 1:1 by volume.  This flexible foam formulation can be handled by processors with a very little experience in handling polyurethane flexible foam formulations.


Low Viscosity Type OO Scale Polyurethane Gel for Molded Parts and More


This new OO scale hardness polyurethane gel formulation is created to be used in molded polyurethane gel parts that needs faster curing pattern and low viscosity for easier handling. Possible application for this material includes electric component potting, and puncture-free coating for inner wall of high-speed tires.


New Structural Foam

Semi-rigid structural foam with longer pot-life for hand-mix/cast-in-place operations. Alternative to fast-curing rigid foam for short-run molding, filling, and other specialty applications, which requires a long pot-life.

Room-Temperature-Curable Microcellular Flexible Foam


Easy mixing liquid components to produce flexible microcellular foam parts in compression molds





Tandem Products, Inc.

DBA Northstar Polymers

3444 Dight Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tel: 612.721.2911

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