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Industrial Strength Patch Kit


ASP-16 Patch Kit


ASP-16 is designed to be manually applied to various surfaces to coat small areas, fill small gaps, and repair existing lining materials by an abrasion resistant elastomeric layer for protection.  It is also designed to repair small areas of polyurea liners.


Click Here for Technical Data Sheet


ASP-16 is 100% solid two-part system without using solvent.  The Quart Kit comes with two components in "pre-majored" containers so that you can yield the right mixing ratio by pouring the whole content of part-B into the can of part-A to blend for ease of use.


Thixotropic (thickening) effect of this material makes it easy to apply on vertical surfaces and to build-up the thickness.  After the liquid components are mixed, the material turns into past-consistency.  You can pick up the material with a putty knife to apply on various surfaces.  The paste gradually gets thicker, so it provides you a workable time to apply a thick protective layer on vertical surfaces.


Polyurea liners are protective lining system commonly used in truck bed lining, bumper foam coating, insulation foam coating, pond lining, lining on mining equipment, lining on rail cars, and many other industrial lining applications.  ASP-16 is designed to repair polyurea liners. After the proper surface preparation, ASP-16 adheres well on polyurea liner surface.  The cured coating provides very good abrasion resistance, cut/tear resistance, and other physical properties. 


Some of the suggested applications include...

For Maintenance

ASP-16 can patch heavily worn areas of existing polyurea lining to prolong the life of expensive polyurea lining. 

For Polyurea Applicators

ASP-16 as supplemental tool to polyurea liner, it can cover small areas that are difficult to reach with the high-pressure sprayer.  Also, it can repair imperfect application of the liner.


ASP-16 can be used to fill small in-between areas with very strong abrasion resistant material.   The material cures in one to two hours to solid state, which will help maintain a good production rate.  Low VOC makes it easy to keep safe workplace environment.  

For Foam Coating

ASP-16 can be applied directly on closed cell foam to provide protection for the foam parts.   It can be used to repair small areas of roof-top lining, or used conveniently to produce prototypes and short runs of foam products.



Available Package Sizes:


2-Quart Kit Package


8-Quart Kit Package


5-gallon Pail Package

For the Technical Data Sheet (PDF file), please click here.

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