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Flexible Open-Cell Foams


The most of polyurethane flexible foams are open-cell foams except for the microcellular class foams. The cell structure of polyurethane foam must deal with shrinkage force of the contracting gas used in foaming reaction.  Open-cell flexible foam is formulated to create cell structure to let outside air to balance the air pressure between inside and outside of the foam. 


This type of foam is widely used in seating and upholstery application.  Slab-stocks of open-cell flexible foams are used in many manufacturers by cutting it to the cushioning parts of the product.  But slab-stock foam formulations are not appropriate for molding, or smaller scale production. 


Northstar Polymers carries a series of open-cell flexible foams aimed for smaller quantity productions to service specialty applications. These formulations are based on MDI prepolymer and polyether polyol.  The components of these formulas are stable liquid at room temperature and can be transported as DOT non hazardous class.


The flexible foam formulations come with different densities and firmness to meet the application requirements.   The following chart shows the firmness of the foams in compression deflection curves.  


Note: The above data is based on result of our in-house test method on compression-molded samples at 1 inch thickness.

Click the links for the data sheets:


Custom Solutions:


Northstar Polymers also works with manufactures to develop specialty custom flexible foam systems for relatively small requirement quantities.  Please contact Northstar Polymers for more information.





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Northstar Polymers, LLC

3444 Dight Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tel: 612.721.2911

E-Mail: info@northstarpolymers.com