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About Northstar Polymers

Supply Source

























Northstar Polymers, LLC

3444 Dight Avenue So.

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tel: 612.721.2911

Fax: 612.721.1009





Northstar Polymers, LLC is a member of Polyurethane Manufacturers Association.







Northstar Polymers Can Be Your Alternative Supply Source


We are flexible:

bullet Unlike, other larger chemical producers, Northstar Polymers can be very flexible.
bullet We can reproduce comparative products to many other polyurethane products in the market.
bullet Smaller quantities available.

We help new product development / new products

bullet We can custom formulate for smaller quantities
bullet We support high-potential venture projects and new products
bullet We provide small quantity for test runs

Competitive Pricing

bullet We maintain highly efficient production.
bullet Very competitive pricing

We work with a variety of customers.

bullet Many of our customers have limited experience of in polyurethane handling.  We are proud of the fact that many of our customers have very little experience in molding operation.
bullet We will guide you through the polyurethane molding techniques.
bullet We help customers in various manufacturing issues
bullet A wide range of information resources are available for our customers.
bullet We also supply raw chemicals to formulate polyurethane materials



Northstar Polymers, LLC

3444 Dight Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tel: 612.721.2911

E-Mail: info@northstarpolymers.com